Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thoughts on Haiti

Last week a devastating earthquake shook the country of Haiti into ruins. Many watch the news reports and can not even imagine the pain and desperation of these people. Watching the reports and receiving the email up-dates makes me anxious. I don't know what these people are feeling or thinking. I have never had such a tragedy occur in my life but I can feel the distant pangs of pain running through my body from this disaster. These people are my friends.

Since 2007 I have been to Haiti twice. My visits have been few and far between but the relationships I developed in my short time there have impressed upon me for a lifetime. The precious faces of these people flash before my eyes on a regular basis and I can hear their voices. Suddenly my senses have been altered and it changes their voices from ones of promise and excitement into agonizing, disbelieving, terror-filled, fearful and great uncertainty. It scares me. I do not know how to process it. A country that was so impoverished. Desperate on a good day, and now the chance for hope seems so distant.

A friend of mine, known as Pastor Osnel St Cyr lost everything. He lost his family, his home, his life's projects, his passions, and in our terms, his will to live. Everything that his life appeared to be based upon is now lying in piles of rubble. Lifeless and broken, a life's work demolished. All that he has to live for is his surviving daughter and the people of his country. When this man should be in consolable, broken and wailing for his wife and two children, he is searching for food, water and shelter for the people who depend on him as their leader. This is unknown to us.

I wait for the updates to find out what happens and every time I read them it seems worse. It seems hopeless and yet knowing that during it all these people who are living in make shift tents, unsure of where their loved ones are, not sure of how much longer they will live without food and water they are praising the God that some blame for this happening.

All I can do sitting here at my computer is pray. Pray and make everyone I know aware of what is happening.
Be there...
Explanations are not needed, you are God.
Help them, save them...
Your will God.

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