Thursday, March 18, 2010

Love, Football & ANTM

Last night my husband expressed to me his true, intimate love. It was special. He was able to reach in and touch my soul. One of those moments that after it happens you have to journal about it in case you never experience that type of emotion again. There was some build up to this expression. It didn't just happen. Let me explain.

The other night at dinner I asked my husband if we could pick a TV program and watch it as an interactive show that we could talk about and critique while watching. This idea came after chatting with a friend who told me that their family does this. He agreed and thought this was a great idea.

Normally our interactive television experience happens while watching football. My husband cheers, tells me whats happening, yells something at the players or the refs and I sit there asking questions trying to sound somewhat intelligent. Every so often my husband shouts out, "I could be the coach and call the plays." I agree with him but this may be shocking news, I don't know much about football. I am making an honest effort at trying to learn. So far I have concluded the following things about the game:

1. They line up, the run, they fall down, they do it again.
2. Tight pants are good.
3. I like Matt Hassellbeck
4. The Saints won the Superbowl this year.
5. Tom Brady is beautiful.
6. There is not enough hand sanitizer in the world to make the Steelers OK in our household.
7. Walter Payton is the best. We named our dog after him.
8. GO Bears GO!
9. The stripy helmets are cool.
10. Tony Dungy is a great coach.
11. Omar Epps coaches the Steelers. :)
12. The Seahawk's colours are pretty.
13. I know that Peyton Manning is the quarterback for the Colts, but I must confess I like Eli better.
14. Brett Favre thinks that once the season ends you retire and then you come out of retirement the following season.
15. Touchdown!

After compiling that list I pat myself on the back. What a huge effort I have made as a wife. I have poured myself into a game I don't get because my husband lives, breathes & coaches football.

Maybe it's just the woman in me but I expected that he could reciprocate. Since it's the off season for football, I chose a different kind of show for us to watch together.

I am an avid fan of America's Next Top Model. I haven't missed a show since Cycle 7 or 8. It was probably Cycle 11 or 12 when my husband began to watch. He always starts the season by declaring he isn't interested in the show but by episode 3 or 4 he his hooked. It's like watching modelling as a sport. He is calling who is getting eliminated, and who's photo shoot was good and who's wasn't. He critiques their walks and looks. How they present their faces. It's really fun to watch.

Last night was episode 2 of Cycle 14. I had tunned in last week to see the season premiere and I found that none of the girls really stood out to me but I discovered some interesting characters whom I had to watch this season. So after dinner we curled up on the couch and turned on ANTM. About 5 minutes in my husband declares that he isn't into this season. He doesn't like any of the girls, and starts flipping through the guide. At this point I am frustrated. This is my show and he is going to watch it. This is interactive TV time! In my snippy little tone I tell him we are going to watch it. So we sit there, and take it in. All of the sudden it happens. Jim starts to talk. "I don't like her." "She doesn't have a good look." "Is that the plus size girl?" My heart flutters... it's happening! Break through!

We continue to watch and then the most glorious moment in television history happens. It's runway time. The girls get dressed in their Rachel Roy outfits and it's time. The fashion show begins. Now this wasn't just your average fashion show. This, for most of the girls was the first time they had ever walked the runway. Not only were they walking the runway for the first time they were also faced with the challenge of swinging pendulums. As they strutted their fierce-selves down the runway they had to avoid being hit or running into the massive swinging pendulum. Deep down I desired for someone to be hit by the pendulum. I really just wanted one of the girls to get clocked by it and flung off the runway. (That's the deep angry side that lives in the repressed corridor of my soul...) I expressed this will, put it out to the universe and the most magical thing happened. The plus size model, Alexandra, appeared at the top of the stairs. She descended towards the runway and the magic happened. She wipes out! Falls down the stairs. Oh the hilarity. Jim and I burst into laughter. Alexandra jumps to her feet and carries on. Honourable. I would have melted in that moment and eliminated myself from the competition but not her. Next she hits the runway. She escapes the wrath of the first pendulum just by the skin of her curvy figure. The next pendulum has no effect. Her face is like hardened plastic, her eyes bulging with anger and humiliation. She poses, she turns, and then it happens. WHAM! The pendulum grasps her buttocks and flings her off the runway. She falls... she screams. It's beautiful! She climbs back onto the runway and marches away. Ripping the Rachel Roy gown.

At that very moment Jim and I burst into hysterics. The universe delivered. It was beautiful. And in that moment I realized all my hard work, and patience watching football paid off. My husband was into MY sport, and in that moment he touched my soul. He reached deep down and without a word spoke to the inner most part of my being and whispered, "This is forever." Looking into his eyes my heart spoke back to his saying, "True Love". So intimate, so raw. It was a beautiful expression that I will cherish forever.


Some other shows we enjoy watching:
*Cake Boss
*Family Guy
*Canada in the Rough (it's a hunting show)
Disclaimer: These shows do not have the same effect on us.

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