Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Moment of Thanks

When I first started writing this blog in '08 it was purely to appease my husband. He is so wrapped up in reading blogs, Twitter and Facebook. I enjoy these avenues of expression but would live a pretty happy existence without them. I think my husband enjoys them because he is able to see into others thoughts and mind sets. It helps him understand people a little better and it's a great way to learn. This only comes from the people who use it for communicating of course and not just for creating drama. I don't fault my husband for his love because I understand his obsession. There are so many people in this world I would love to capture and lock away and get inside their heads. My approach to this needs some work but all in all my point is I enjoy finding out what makes people tick.

I just babbled for a paragraph to make this point. If it wasn't for my husband I wouldn't be doing this. That isn't me confessing I don't enjoy writing because if you know me well enough you understand that I am forever journaling and in a deep conversation I need to walk away pondering, scribble on a scrap piece of paper and come back to tell you my thoughts, feelings and expressions. I get this honestly, I wont tell you from where but it's in my blood.

I never expected that this little blog of mine would be read by anyone other than my husband but now that it is expanding to family members, friends and people who stumble across it I am excited. I appreciate the time that my readers have sacrificed to see what I am feeling, thinking or living in this moment of life. SO thank you for taking time to read... You inspire me to write and use the gift God gave me.


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