Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Simple Things in Life

Last night my husband and I had to be out of the house. This is a rare occasion. It was for nothing special but the fact that my husband and I went somewhere together without our child is miraculous. Usually my husband (who's name I don't like to use in my posts. Right now he's a character and someday he will get a formal intro... stay tuned! ) is working and I am at home or vice versa and if we do venture out we have our Ti-man with us... our life exists as a family.

We went, we came back. We picked up our son from a great evening with his awesome Uncle B-Rad and took him home. I think the highlight moment of my husband's parental career happened. Our little guy, sound asleep, cuddled in so deep and just wouldn't break the cuddle. It was cute to watch.

I am not a cuddly person. I enjoy my moments, but normally I feel like shouting, "let me go I am suffocating". My husband could live life cuddled. If we all lived out our days in a cuddled heap he would be alright. He would need those moments to break away from the group and catch his breath but he would come back. So for a significant period of time our son cuddled with his dad. A priceless moment, Master card commercial worthy. My husband was on a high. These things don't happen often for him. I guess it's a lack of time he has to spend with our son, not his fault, but I experience the hugs and kisses from Ti-J more than he does, so to see him get caught up in that embrace was nice. It makes me thankful I can give my son his father.

I am thankful for lots of things but something I am truly thankful for is that someone on this earth was intelligent enough to invent the technology of the PVR. Now all the things the PVR does is unknown to me. My understanding is this:
I can go away and come back and watch something that was on TV while I was away. The beauty of this is I can fast forward through the commercials. It's like a modern day VCR that is hooked up to my satellite receiver so I can pause TV. However it works it's amazing.

SO regardless of being out last night I still got to experience ANTM Cycle 14. Last night Ren went home. Was anyone shocked about this? The girl who moaned about the drama in the house and how she just wanted to go home. She wasn't bringing anything to her shoots and I think through this experience she realized that she needed to be honest in her life and confront those things that make her unhappy and find a way to reconcile with her mother. Hopefully things work out for her.

Next week, Brenda's gone. And I am sorry but WHAT was Alasia wearing? Better yet, did Tyra forget to put on her clothes or was the full body spanks the outfit? There were so many things that happened this week that I just didn't understand. I think I might have been a bit disappointed with this weeks episode but I realized that in the end it brought my husband and I together. We watched, we bantered and in the end we spent a whole evening together, like adults do. I enjoy those moments.

The stage of life I am in right now is one huge lesson. I am learning that if every moment of my life was consumed by my husband and child I wouldn't appreciate who they are. I wouldn't see those things that make them stand out and define them as the individuals they are. Quantity of time is great - sometimes in life, but right now I am learning to be content with quality.

One of the most beautiful moments I had this week happened this morning. It was about 2 minutes long but started my day on a high. My husband and I got ready for work, dropped our son off at Nan's house and drove to town together. This is a pretty standard occurrence and some days the only time we see each other during the day. After we parked the car and were about to seperate for the day I decided to get a coffee. The next two minutes of walking with my husband and chatting was nice. It's the little things in life that make the biggest impact. Thanks dear husband for taking the time to walk across the parking lot with me.


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