Thursday, April 1, 2010

Finding God in the Unexpected

I noted a few posts ago that I was offered an opportunity to be creative again. I think I need to expand on that. For Easter this year a friend of mine and I are compiling a video that is our vision of Christ reflecting in our everyday life. It is a video full of art and photos, water and rocks, crosses and blood accompanied with profound lyrics and melodic sounds. The beauty of God in our everyday lives.

We miss God so often. Every where we turn He is there. In nature there are flowers and trees that scream God. His face reflects in the water, his hands created the hills and yet somehow we miss it. His daily reminders that He is present.

I'm not trying to be deep or theological because I wouldn't even know how to begin. What I am saying is God is out there. He is in here. He is all around. I believe he does things so that when we stop and take a moment to quiet ourselves we notice, but when we hustle through life those promises are trampled and never appreciated.

For our video I was taking still shots of crosses. I was inspired to look beyond the obvious and find the cross symbol in those places that they would never be suspected. As I walked out my drive way I looked up the lane that leads to the road and in the path of the sun I spotted tire tracks. These tracks formed a cross. It all came full circle. God's little reminder that He is present, even in situations where we do not think He even cares. Truly it was just me backing over my own tracks but that inherent bond between my Father and I transformed those tracks from a simple imprint on the ground to a perfectly timed wink. Acknowledgement that he exists.

This whole video process has made me reflect a little more on what Easter means. As we conceived ideas of what is true imagery of Christ I thought of that moment of Christ's crucifixion. Obviously this was painful. Physically he was ripped and broken but I wonder if his emotions caused him more pain. False accusations, friends denial, the Father's abandonment. He was left alone to do a work that no one ever had or ever would do again.

At one time I was a teen girl. Drama is not foreign. It seems as though in the span of the teen years there are requirements you must fill and life drama is number one. (I imagine that throughout life these patterns exist in social circles but I am not far off from the teen years so I will reflect on those before that option expires for me.) There are always love/hate relationships that exist. Best friends one day, enemies the next. I was always thankful for the weekend because somehow they were magical. Friday relationships were unstable, Monday morning they were like brand new romances. Odd. In all of that confusion our emotions become like rubber bands. They are pulled and stretched and if that happens too much they wear and eventually break. I would think as Christ was beaten and hung on that cross his rubber band broke.

I remember when I was pregnant, lying in my bed for three months straight. I was alone, I was scared and felt like it was this impossible thing that no one could take from me. No matter how much this baby inside was a part of my husband and I, this portion of the process was up to me. I think that may have been how Christ felt. He died for our sins, so the Father could show his love but regardless of that, HE had to die.

Sometimes we ignore God and I think we take it all back to that day of Crucifixion. We break the rubber band. We deny God the enjoyment he is supposed to get out of his creation because we chose to be busy and not acknowledge His being a part of our daily life.

When the sun shines, he's smiling. When the rain falls, he cries. When the hills roll, his hand passes over. When the wind blows, he is taking a deep breath.


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