Friday, April 16, 2010

Illness Induced Trip Down Memory Lane

I haven't blogged in the last couple of days because I have been at home in bed, quite sick. Usually when I am sick I shake it off and keep going but not this time. I felt it. My gracious husband filled in at work for me and I sent the wee man off to my mother. I slept.

This time by myself, in bed made me think about when I was little and would get sick. It was almost really exciting being sick, minus the vomiting, raging fevers and lack of spunk. Nevertheless mom always made me feel comfortable.

I was thinking about all the perks we as kids got when we were sick.

Being sick in our house meant getting the TV in your room. This was always exciting even though you could only get 2 channels with the antenna, maybe 3 depending on the way the wind was blowing.

Mom always made us our favourite flavoured Jello, mine was strawberry. Nothing about Jello screams nutritious or even delicious but she always made it for us.

Apple juice was a must, but if we were really sick we got to drink pop. YEAH! Unfortunately for me it was Ginger Ale and after many rounds of "upset tummy" we figured out I can not consume ginger ale. It inspires horrible fits of throwing up.

Extra blankets, lots of snuggles and that silly little angel bell.

We were given a bell to ring if we needed anything. I think most of the time we just rang the bell to see how fast mom's reaction time was. She always came to see what we needed.

I miss those days. This time around being sick I didn't get Jello, there was no apple juice or little bell to ring. It was just me, the TV and I had to get off my butt to get extra blankets.

I enjoy being a mom but sometimes I really miss being a daughter.


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