Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kindness Comes in Many Flavours

The past two days I have been surprised often and showered with much kindness. First my husband, then my work neighbour and now a friend. I guess God knows that I am in need of it.

I have let this weeks theme, for me anyway be grumpy. It is quickly and nicely being powder coated with happiness and thought. I like that better than grump-a-loo-ness.

As a boring day came to a slow and painful end a beautiful young woman walked into my store. She walked up to the counter and handed me a lovely steaming cup of Chai tea. She said it was for me compliments of her mom.


I guess kindness goes along way. Who knew a cup of Chai tea could take a boring, dismal day and put a smile on my sober face.

Tea is powerful. It's delicious and alluring. It makes people happy and warm. So does kindness.

This week I challenge you to do something kind for someone else. Talking from experience, a small act like a cup of tea can make a huge difference in someones day.

Kindness comes in many different flavours.

Thank you for having the thought, and following through.


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