Saturday, April 17, 2010

Prayer On God's Clock

My sleep so far tonight has not been good. It's one of those nights where you fall hard but it doesn't last long. It's kind of been like that first love. Right now it's 4:10am. My lids should be glued shut with gunk and sleepies but instead I keep getting brought back to conciousness.

I blame God. He does this to me every so often. Does he not know that I need 12 solid hours of sleep? I guess he doesn't or He temporarily forgot so that He could tell me something. God I'm pretty sure I would have heard you at 7:00am. But would I have listened?

I have been praying all night. Not even for myself. For someone I kind of know but I have no relationship with. I'm scared for this person and obviously after tonight with reason. If you get a minute, just stop and say a little prayer for this person.

I don't know the details of their life or even where they are laying their head for the night but that doesn't matter. God knows and if He felt a wake up call was what I needed than with a little bit of grumbling I will submit.



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