Thursday, April 1, 2010

Short, Sweet, Should Have Been a Tweet.... ANTM

Last night my husband and I tuned in to ANTM Cycle 14. I was able to gain some understanding about this season and answer some of my own uncertainties about it.

Tyra is wearing those jumpsuits at her own will... #4 Hola!

The drama in the house has become more than the modelling competition. I don't feel the passion from anyone of these girls. No one wants it.

Simon went home... I bolted off the couch when Anslee was handed her picture. WHAT?!?! I froze. I was in this odd position, holding pillows out in front of me, frozen, unsure of what I just watched!

I think my husband is out. ANTM can not be our show this season. We are going with Dancing with the Stars. Sorry Tyra... we want to watch Kate.



JimmyForde said...

It is not about kate... its all about Chad ochocinco!

Leah Joy said...

I can't argue with that... actually I am all for the former pussycat doll... although I do love ochocinco