Monday, April 5, 2010

Sick Kid, Gracious Soul

This week we found out that Ti-James has bronchitis. Hearing that little bit of news made me feel like the world's worst parent.

The last five or so days we have watched our little boy battle a "cold". We added up his rotten attitude and crappy feeling to a cold and four teeth fighting their way to the surface. Never did I imagine that it was anything more than that.

Bronchitis isn't serious but it makes me sad that I missed the signs.

He's a tough boy though.

I'm not well acquainted with babies but from the little experience I do have I know that my little guy is pretty happy and contented. Even in the moments when he feels the worst, he is still able to smile and let you know you he loves you.

That's such a good feeling.

This last week I have had more cuddles from my son and the amount of snot smeared on my collar, more than normal. Each goober, totally worth it.

I hate to see my little man sick, but through these situations I love finding out what qualities he holds. Strength is definitely one of them. This little guy has fought from day one to make it into this world. We almost lost him a few times but God had a reason for him and he made it safely into our arms.

This parenting thing is confusing. I had hoped that after delivery I would be handed a manual and a detailed list of directions on how to raise this being, but it didn't happen. Sometimes I have heard my child screaming and started looking around for his parents, realizing shortly after I that I am the parent.

Regardless of how many times I mess up at this parenting thing he still comes back to me. No one else will do. When he is scared he wants to be held by his parents. When he is uncertain he just needs to make contact with our legs. When he is so full of love that he has to show it, he makes sure it is expressed to his mommy and daddy first.

That's such a good feeling!

My little Ti-J is a gracious soul. His innocence allows forgiveness for all the mistakes we make with him on a daily basis. He shows us mercy and never holds a grudge. Not yet anyway...

That's a great feeling.


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