Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This Town's Michael Oher

The other night my husband and I watched the movie the Blindside. I have heard great things about this movie but I never thought it would be so touching.

I wont deny there were some cheese factors and some sappy moments but what got to me wasn't the acting or the screen play it was the "story" of Michael Oher.

While I laid in bed after watching the movie all I wanted to do was hug Michael Oher. I for some odd reason felt his pain. I felt his rejection, his uncertainty, his protective instincts, vulnerability and his grace. The flashbacks depicted in the movie of him being taken from his mom kept rolling past my eyes. Horror.

Watching this story made me think of two things. One, how many Michael Oher's do I know and two, I think this world needs more of them.

Most of us watch movies like this and think what a victory for that young man to come from where he did and end up where he is and yet we drive by our own Michael's and don't even see them.

There are lots of Michael's in this town. Not all are NFL bound, not all share the same circumstances. Nevertheless they still exist.

Kid's without parents.

People without homes.

Individuals that work hard but can't make ends meet.

Potential overlooked.

Learning styles misunderstood.

Social relations untouched.

We've given up on them. We label them no good, dumb, awkward and weird. They get shoved to the out skirts and ignored.

We don't have the time to invest so we equate that to their value and refuse to look them in the eye.

We sit around and talk about them while we eat our meals with family, meanwhile they sit alone and go hungry.

Futures are sacrificed because we don't have time to help with school work.

Loneliness sky-rockets because we don't think we have any way to relate.

Hope is lost because the broken get crushed.

I know "Michael Oher". He is a teenage mom fighting to break the cycle of addiction.

I know "Michael Oher". He is a school aged kid who tries every day to overcome family dynamics so that they can make a successful life for themselves.

I know "Michael Oher". He's a young man who is lost in a world of pretend that he created and he is his only friend.

I know "Michael Oher". He walks up and down the street all day not because he wants to but because he has no where to go.

I know "Michael Oher". I see "them" every day. People who have been handed hard circumstances. Thrown into a life that there appears to be no exit from. Caught in the grip of the economy. Lost and looking for someone to reach out their hand. Some find a way out but very few can do it alone.

I know "Michael Oher". Do you?

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