Monday, May 17, 2010

Growing Up Quickly

Ti-J turned 14 months this week. So hard to believe.

He is such an expressive kid. Has been since birth. It's not hard to tell what he thinks of a situation or something you have asked him to do or not to do. He screws up his face, he huffs and puffs and lately has pulled out his funny little pointer finger to get the point across.

I went to pick him up from his Nan & Papa's house. As I was walking up the stairs he came running out to wave "hi" to me. I opened the gate and walked through. He came running straight at me. My heart melted. What a sweet moment. My little boy so excited to see his mother. I reached out to pick him up and zoom right passed me, arms stretched out for his Papa.

I wasn't really that hurt. I had just never experienced him wanting someone else besides me before. He was so fascinated by his Papa that day. He followed him around, took him his toys and wanted him to read his books. What a weird dynamic.

My little goof ball. He is growing and his interests are changing.

I never knew 1+ year olds were so funny. While star struck by his Papa he took him his favourite book to be read. My dad graciously started to read unknowingly missing a very important part of the story. Ti-J completely disgusted by this oversight grabbed the book, screwed up his face, huffed a few times and took the book to Nan to have it read properly.

I think I have my hands full. I may need to borrow my mother's copy of The Strong Willed Child. I am sure I could follow along and learn much from her highlighting and notes marked in the margins.

As time goes on and he grows, he is changing. His personality is beginning to reveal itself. The next few years will be telling. Learning who my son is has turned out to be an adventure.

I never really thought about this process of growing up when I was pregnant. I was having a baby. I never really thought about having a one year old, two year old, some day a teenager. I was short sighted. It never really dawned on me that as much as his DNA was a combination of mine and my husbands, he would be his own person.

As I type this I am realizing how naive the thought is but it really never occurred to me before. I had an idea of what he may look like, I understood what his body type might be like. Those things were a surprise as well but his appearance was either going to be A, B or AB. His personality is someone I have never met before. I am making a new friend, developing this new relationship.

I can't wait until my son and I can communicate in sentences. I long to hear his ideas and his perception of life. I am interested in knowing what his passions are and where he finds value. Ultimately I can't wait to see the world through his eyes.

What an exciting life we have to live together.


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