Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Am a Mother - Just for Fun

I am a mother.
The black circles under my eyes
are a part of my make-up routine.

The spit up on my collar
in other countries is called a broach.

Wearing high end perfume means
eau de diaper.

The way my hair is thrown up
is a style.

I carry a handbag
it's not
a diaper bag.

Somewhere else the children's song I'm humming
is all the rage.

The extra layer of baby fat I adorn
is my built in padding.

Soccer mom image
- latest fashion craze.

I chose to drive a mini van.

The toys scattered throughout my home
are an essential part of the decor.

Spilt milk
is the new potpourri.

I like eating food
that has was touched by grubby hands.

The maid
shares my name.

I am an artist of French cuisine
if you read
the other side of the box.

I would rather watch Barney
than any other show.

While driving, I enjoy
listening to a screaming child.

Time alone with my husband
- overrated.

Being able to use the bathroom alone,
for wimps.

Conversations with other adults
are meant to be interrupted.

Desiring to see my child grow up and forge their own life
so that
I can have some "me" time,

- acceptable.

I am a mother.

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