Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Find Comfort in the World Wide Web

We are so connected in this day and age. One click of the mouse and we can immediately access information. Social networking sites connect us to anyone and everyone. We can send instant messages anywhere in the world and receive a response right away. Twitter allows us to post our thoughts and have people re-tweet and reply to us.

People all over care what little old me sitting behind a computer in rural Ontario has to say.

I started reading a book the other night. So far I have been in tears, shouted out in agreement and left in deep thought. I am only two chapters in. I was able to contact the author via Twitter and thank them for writing these words that are impacting me in this very desert like spot my life is in right now. This perfect stranger responded to my message and now they will be lifting me up in prayer.

What an odd feeling.

Walking down the sidewalk in our town I feel so alone. Driving down the back roads I seem so insignificant and yet in two different countries I have people praying specifically for my life.
(See yesterday's post - The Love of God Wrapped Up in Canvas)

Technology is amazing. It allows our world to go from such a vast expanse turning it into relationships and connections. The amazing part is that technology isn't really what causes these ties to one another. It truly is God, technology is just the enabler.

If only we were as connected to our communities and neighbours as we are to our social networks via the internet. It's amazing how far we have come but it's hard not to let Twitter become most important and over look the people who walk the same streets as we do. It's easy to let Facebook be a forum we hide behind so we don't have to talk directly to that person who attends the same functions as we do. E-mail is an easy form of communication that helps us create distance in relationships instead of meeting someone for coffee or dinner.

I say all this because I am one of those people who hides behind my blog and social networks. I love feeling connected to everyone but it's easier for me to be vulnerable and open when my fingers do the talking and the send button is the window to my soul.

If you know me, help me come out from behind my keyboard. If you don't know me... well send me a message and encourage me to stop hiding behind sentences and punctuation and help me to shine. Technology is freeing, but I want to feel comfort in my own skin without any involvement from a computer screen or an Internet forum. Help!


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