Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Lasting Impression

I have been cursed with poor sight. I used to wear contacts but lately I have transitioned back to a daily glasses wearer. I don't enjoy glasses. I am actually really quite insecure about my appearance in them but I have taken myself to the place where sight is more important than my perceived appearance.

The problem with glasses when you are the parent of a small child is that they become a projectile. A fun game for my son used to be snatch the glasses and see how far they could go. It was probably funny for him to watch mommy try to find them again. I had to pick the trendy frame-less style, but in my defence I picked them before I became a mother.

Now my son enjoys touching the lenses. I think he is trying to figure out what is on mommy's face. Nevertheless it drives me crazy.

As I was driving to work I spotted a little finger print right in the middle of my lens. Everything I looked at had this smudge in front of it. It got me thinking.

My son isn't allowed to play with my glasses. They aren't something he holds in hands but he is around them. He touches them accidentally when we are interacting whether it is out of disobedience or not. He leaves me with his fingerprint. Even when he isn't around I have his impression on my lens.

When we interact with others what impression do we leave?

We may not be someone's best friend or even spend a lot of time around them but what does our fingerprint on their life look like.

Did we show them love?

Did we extend grace?

Did we leave a negative or positive smudge that they have to look through?

What was our lasting impression on that person in the grocery store?

We are to live like Christ and example him to the world. When I leave a smudge on someones life do they see Christ or do they see my dirty fingerprints?


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