Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Love of God Wrapped Up In Canvas

Do you ever wonder what is happening somewhere you aren't?

I do.

It's a little game I play.

This game really has no boundaries. Sometimes I try to envision people in other countries living their daily routines. Political gatherings, natural disasters, global happenings all have played their part. I am probably pretty far off base as to what happens but I guess it makes me feel like I am connected to people on a global scale.

A few years back my husband and I travelled to Haiti. It was on that trip that we met our dear friend Madame Luc. She graciously hosted us in her small, dark and very bare home one afternoon, treating us as though we were royalty. My husband spotted a painting on her wall. He was intrigued by this bizarre picture. While the group was talking and praying he was photographing this image. Madame Luc noticed what he was doing and asked her daughter to remove the picture from the wall. We had no idea what was happening because of the language barrier but we knew all the activity was centred around this picture. In the end my husband and I received this odd and yet beautiful picture as a gift.

Thinking about this experience makes me kind of just shake my head. We were honoured with the gift of this picture by an extremely poor woman in a 4th world country and in exchange she wanted no money but asked to be able to pray for us daily. To remember my family on her knees lifting us up to God.

What an odd exchange.

It's hard to wrap my head around. We were given what was probably one of her most valuable possession for something in our culture that really has no inherent value. This picture would have cost her quite a bit of money and yet she was willing to give it to us and then sacrifice her time to remember us to God.

Being North American that concept is so foreign. We live in a land of plenty. We do see and experience poverty but our country isn't majority impoverished. We have done a good job at sweeping those situations under the rug so we don't have to look at them. The haven't become our tag line.

That day my husband and I found ourselves in this home where there was joy and hope even though what surrounded it was destitute and broken. Looking out you could see miles and miles of hopelessness. This home was where we found someone who fell in love with us for no reason really. She showed us favour and gave us one of her most valuable possessions. She had no replacement.

Madame Luc's act towards us was such a reflection of God. God gave up his most valuable treasure for us just so that we could be lifted up to him.

Every time I see the canvas hanging on our wall I think of Madame Luc. What an amazing feeling to know someone somewhere else in the world spends time before God just for my family.

I am remembered.

What an amazing feeling to know that before I was even earthly considered I was heavenly known. That God put his son in my place so that I could have a relationship with him.

Who am I?

All I know is that because of God's grace I am now free to live in relationship with him and because of that I met a woman from another country who now spends her time praying for a "wealthy" North American when she could be focusing her prayers on herself and her country.

Sometimes I find myself starring at that picture. It's kind of a symbol of true Godly love. When I look at it I fade away for a few moments and wonder what Madame Luc is doing.

Is she praying?

Who is she helping?

Is she still smiling? (She has a wicked smile)

Is she still selfless?

How many more children has she welcomed into her home?

How can I be more like her?

How can I be more like God?


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Anonymous said...

gosh, Leah..would stop making me reflect and cry!!!! caused me to stopping thinking of me....thank you for letting God use you this way..maybe that was the purpose in the you would write about it and then others would reflect on it..who knows...maybe change their life to reflect Him more!