Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

If you know me well then you know I have been given the unique ability to stretch any occasion into a week or month long spectacular.

It's a gift.

When I was younger my birthday would consist of a 100 day countdown, and on May 1st we would kick off a month long celebration of me. I would have multiple parties and see how long I could milk it. I must say I have always been quite successful.

I love celebrations. Not just my own, but I love to honour and recognize amazing people. I think everyone should have a party that is all about them.

Growing up it wasn't just my birthday that surfaced this crazed obsession. I was always ecstatic about any occasion that allowed me to make a party out of it.

Mother's Day was always an occasion that ranked number 2 or 3 on my list of festivities. I guess probably because I aspired to be a mother at some point in life so I knew I could cash in on this holiday. I don't really know though. Maybe it was just because I had an awesome mom and I loved to celebrate her.

I remember being little and getting up early on Mother's Day. My preparation for this day was always a little more detailed than my brother's but we managed to work together. I would spend the weeks before planning cards, writing letters, preparing some kind of gift (and if I was lucky I would score something free) to show my mother how special she was. I would get everything organized, check it over a few times until I was confident that I was prepared for this day.

My brother on the other hand usually woke up the morning of and scrambled to find a piece of paper, pen or marker and would disappear for about 5 minutes to go and create a masterpiece fit for mom. When he would surface again we would get started on the BIG surprise.

Back then we thought we were stealthy. We would sneak down the stairs and begin to prepare our mother a breakfast fit for a queen. Little did we know mom was lying in bed listening to us completely captured by fear of what she was about to consume and the well being of her dishes. My brother and I would pour her juice, make her black swill we called coffee and whip up eggs and toast or prepare a fancy bowl of cereal.

When it was all together we would sneak back up the stairs ready to surprise our "unexpected" mother. Oh what children do to their parents. We always would spill milk on the carpeted stairs, break something, end up fighting and in the end cause our mother more work than if we had of just stayed in bed.

This year it was my turn to be surprised. Of course at this stage mother's day surprises land on the shoulders of my husband. I must say he did an amazing job. I got to sleep in, I awoke to my husband delivering a cup of delicious coffee and then my little guy jumping into bed with me. I was showered with lovely gifts that I can enjoy with my family and then we spent the remainder of our day together.

It was lovely.

Being a mom makes mother's day so much more special. I still love finding the perfect card and gift for my mom but I understand the day so much more now. It's the small things that your children do for you that leave a lasting impression on the heart. It doesn't matter what they buy, it's the handmade cards that are treasured possessions. I imagine when my mom closes her eyes she can still hear my brother and I discussing breakfast plans and carefully and quietly sneaking up to surprise her. What we served is the furthest from her mind but those whispers she keeps with her.

My gifts were lovely but I can't imagine I will ever forget the look on my sons face as he ran into our bedroom on our first celebrated mother's day. He was so happy and I think he knew he was a part of something really special that day. It meant so much to spend time with my boys.

At the end of the day I received the best gift of all. Ti-J fell asleep in the car on our way home. It was well past his bed time and I knew he was out for the night. My husband gathered up his diaper bag and took it into the house. The moon was high and bright and the stars were peaking through the darkness. It was quiet and peaceful. In that moment it was just Ti-J and I. He was sound asleep. I pulled him out of his car seat and his little hands reached around my neck and his head found itself buried in my shoulder. He snuggled in and he never moved from that spot until I laid him in his bed.

In the years to come I will probably forget what I got for my first mother's day but I am sure I will always remember my boy so happy, running in to greet me in the morning. And I am sure the picture of him snuggled into my neck underneath the moon will always be there.

Standing outside with my little guy made me realize I am the best mommy ever. I felt like no one else in the world mattered at that moment. I hope that feeling will never leave me.

Thanks for the best Mother's Day yet. I love you both...

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poppy love said...

how wonderful...what a lucky, blessed mother you are.