Saturday, May 8, 2010

Rainy Rainy Days

Rainy days...

We bock at them and wish for them to go away and come back another day.

We miss all the value the rain brings.

The other morning I was awaken early from a completely dead sleep. The rain was pounding on the roof. I was pretty sure this was the moment my life was over and I was about to meet my maker.

Where I live army planes fly quite close to the house, passing through the open expanses that surround us. It's usually a really neat thing to see these huge planes passing so closely but on this morning I was pretty sure the radar had failed and that they were taking down the top level of my home.

Of course I was wrong, it was just mother nature having a fit. God stubbed his toe on a bucket of stardust and as it passed through the atmosphere it turned into hard chunks of ice leaving dents in the roof, on our cars and waking me from a great movie my imagination was showing.

It seems everyone cries when it rains. Complainers surface and we all desperately wish for the sunshine.

I love the sunshine.

Rain is a mysterious natural occurrence. It makes us feel yucky, cold, depressed and yet it does so much for us. It helps our gardens grow. Allergies to go. It washes away the dead and makes way for new life. It makes us appreciate the sunny days and what they offer.

I'm a Christian. Some use this title lightly, some a little too seriously. I am in the middle. I am saved because the God of the universe decided that I have so much worth that the death of His only son is an equal trade for my eternal soul. I don't always get it but I am thankful.

In my life I have ups and downs. Things go great, then they turn for the worst. I guess you could say most days I live in the sunshine. It's warm, glorious rays kiss my cheeks and make everything feel right. The sunshine is a good place to be. It's comfortable and it feels amazing.

Then the storms come. The rain hurts and the hail scars. The wind blows away my favourite umbrella. Nothing seems to go quite right when the skies are grey and I have to hide, only able to look out and see the potential things I could be a part of.

It's depressing.

Yet for some reason in the midst of the rain I see beauty. Or at least I am hopeful I will spot a rainbow.

I have to loose that favourite umbrella or let my hair go frizzy sometimes. If I didn't I would never understand the power of this faith I have.

Dandelions and pansies are fabulous. Picnics and walks through long grass are enjoyable. Soaking in the warmth of life makes me want to get up the next morning. But if I didn't get caught out in a storm every so often it would all seem so easy. I wouldn't be able to enjoy the flowers or the yummy vegetables that grow and I certainly wouldn't really have a faith. I would have something that makes me comfortable and feel good. I don't even know what it would be defined as.

I think when my skin gets a little too red God sends his showers down on me as a reminder that I can't do this all on my own. That I do need him. I need to remember his promises but I also need to know that my life is not my own anymore.

Do I like the rain?


Do I learn from the rain?

I try.

The rain brings us down but past the streaky windows and fast moving wipers we need to look for God. He is trying to show us something.

Maybe your rain isn't wet, maybe it's just painful or lonely, but whatever your rain looks like search for God in it. You might have to squint but I am sure when the rains pass and the sun begins to shine you will have seen the face of God a little clearer than you had before it began to fall.

The next time it starts to rain remember it is only for a season. When it is all over your garden will be stronger and healthier. I hope as you see the clouds roll in you will not become a complainer but you will cry out to God and ask him to hand you another umbrella.


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