Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thoughts on Communion

This past Sunday at church we took communion. My husband introduced the sacrament and put a thought provoking twist on what the act of communion is.

In a nut shell, he explained that bread and wine (or Welch's) is nothing special. I actually think he described it as garbage. His words not mine. They are list of ingredients but the thought behind the act is the sacred part. The point is, that as we gather and communion together if we remember Christ we are celebrating "communion". We are partaking together in the remembrance of our Savior.

This can happen anywhere. Restaurants, at home, picnic's wherever.

Last night I attended a fund raiser for Kawartha Youth Unlimited. As we shared in the meal and took in the program I started to see how communion can be an everyday, common act with significance.


We gathered in a building in support of a ministry that is the hands and feet of Christ. As we learned and shared in the stories, Christ was reflected. His ministry is being done, he is being remembered. We consumed our beef dinner followed up by decadent cheesecake and were able to top up our caffeine fixes because of Christ. We gathered because of Him. We stopped to give him thanks and honour him before we ate our meal.

A group of people, diverse and on different journeys enjoyed a dinner that didn't include grape juice or wine, and Christ was the focus. It was because of him we all gathered in that place.

Side note: There was bread.

While I attended what outwardly appeared as another fund raiser, I took part in the act of communion. The purpose of our gathering was to earn money. The heart of why we attended was to hear of God's work. To remember him by showing people the love of God.

To me that was communion.

Maybe I'm living out in the middle of a pasture somewhere without a hope or a prayer of near by civilization, but I think as one of many people sitting around tables in a large room I experienced something that is normally defined by pews and the "In Remembrance of Me" table. Hmmmm......


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