Tuesday, June 1, 2010

God Never Made the Cover of US Weekly

This world is all about fast paced, high profile, scandalous relationships. Everyone takes a second glance in the grocery store line at the titles and late breaking stories about whoever is lucky enough to grace the covers today. Entertainment news is more intently viewed than the happenings of our world. (Not a statistic, just my opinion.)

As a woman, speaking purely for myself this way of life is fascinating. I didn't date much, and by much I mean at all. My husband was my first boyfriend.


For me I get caught up in the romantic, fairy tale side of this persona.

It all seems so glamorous.

She's dating him and he's dating her and they were spotted together here.

The rush that comes from this whirlwind fantasy is far more than I can ever imagine. It's like watching romances play out on the big screen. My heart skips a beat watching boy and girl fall in love, and seeing how passionate they are for one another. How they can't even breathe with out each other.

Big sigh...

Usually once all the hype is gone I am left in tears, believing that this is real. Maybe for some it is. In my life experience I have never seen this. My romance unfolded much differently. It sprouted from innocent conversation, grew threw jealous hatred, church politics and sparked in a great friendship. Not usually how Hollywood portrays it. We are unique.

As I grow up and mature I see the layers begin to peel away. They reveal the destitution of the Hollywood lifestyle. How crushing it is when the butterflies fly away and leave the heart longing for more.

We see this everyday. This devastation lives in the eyes of the divorced, the betrayed and the abandoned.

A few weeks ago I was listening to the song "How He Loves" sung by The David Crowder Band. I felt so connected to everything loving as I listened. It took me on a journey of thought. I imagined God as that really nice guy in your life. The one who is always there, never pushy, always inspiring and helpful. You call him friend and would never think of being anything more because he is such a nice guy. Then one day you see him and something inside switches. He is a little more handsome, goosebumps appear and you get that sick, on a boat feeling in your gut. Never before have you felt it but now you do.

This is more like my story.

This probably sounds weird but bare with me. He is always there, he is always faithful. Looking out for what is best for you not because it makes him the hero but because he truly cares for you. He seems to always know what to do. He never tries to push you into things you don't want to do but in the end his way is best.

As I pictured God as this boy I started to put the pieces together. God's desired romance with us will never make the cover of US or OK!. He is too genuine. Yet his relationship with us will be more scandalous, more exciting and something the world should want to be a part of. It should be on every gossip chain.

That's God. He has allowed us free will. We have the ability to chose what we want. The world is our oyster. Even though we have this freedom our decisions are not always the best for us.

He calls us his love and we should call him our first love and we don't. (When I say we, I mean me but I just don't want to feel the guilt).

He is always there, always faithful, his way is the best not because he is the hero but because he truly loves you. Me. He never pushes his love on but in that moment when you recognize him, as God, almighty and he gives you those goosebumps life will change. He is there willing to reciprocate.

That sounds really flowery. Flowers are beautiful and misunderstood. So I guess God can easily be compared.

Now to finish the love story and to get to the "happily ever after."

The boy, the friend, the love story that has been created. All is nice and fine but trouble brews. Temptation comes, conflict happens, goosebumps leave, butterflies end up in car grills. Running seems like the option but it isn't. Running away isn't anyways, running to for me seems like the best option. Coming together, working through these times and becoming strong together.

God wants that too. Our person to person relationships are reflections of what we are to have with God. God just seems more daunting. He's all knowing, he's everywhere, he controls lightening. Maybe running is the best option. Even though we think this way God is longing for us to turn and run into his arms. He wants us to curl up on his lap and he will sing us to sleep.

How he loves... Oh how he loves.


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