Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Huffy Face

I think I am in trouble.

This morning my son, who was out right disobeying and knowing that he was, while standing in the bath tub after me repeatedly sitting him down, looked me straight in the eye and started to make his "huffy" face. For you who have never experienced the "huffy" face let me explain.

Ti-James, when trying to express himself makes a face, where he scrunches up his nose and breathes in and out very heavily. He sounds as though he can not breathe and continues to do this while shrugging his shoulders up and down to emphasize his point.

So my moment of discipline was reciprocated with the "huffy" face. While making this gesture my son discovered that he can not only express to me his disgust with my request through his facial expression but can also blow snot out of his nose at the same time.

At this moment a piece of me died. I am not a fan of boogers. They make me feel nauseous and they activate my gag reflex. While I was trying to make my son sit down in the bath tub so he didn't fall and crack his head open he was retaliating and using my weakness against me.

I don't think we give kids enough credit. Even though Ti-James spends some time sitting in his own feces, eats mostly pureed food and can't string words together to form a sentence his intelligence is not unworthy of praise.

My son is shifty. He is appropriately referred to as the trickster. I am in for it.

A simple morning bath, that usually happens without any fight, left me a crumpled mess on the floor, shouting for my husband, "Jim come quickly the wee one knows my weakness."

Oh the life of a parent.


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