Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Switch Yard BBQ

On Friday of this week a large group of people will meet on the boundary of the snowmobile tracks and the yard of the youth drop in center in Bancroft.

Many different walks of life will be represented. The church crowd will be out in full force, the community crowd will be well represented too.

The BBQ's will be hot, the burgers will be flying. Conversation will erupt from the crowd and the people will genuinely enjoy themselves.

All involved will be run off their feet making sure food supply is topped up, things run smoothly, nothing is forgotten.

The silent auction will pit one person against another, the live auction will get heated and in the end the Switch Yard will benefit from these battles.

If you don't know what the Switch Yard is, I will explain it like this. The Switch Yard is a group of people who are friends. They reach out in love to meet relational, social and spiritual needs. .

Come out on Friday evening @ 5:30pm and support the Switch Yard. If you can't make it feel free to send a donation, and pass the word on to someone you know.

Hope to see you there!


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