Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Butter Tart Season - CLOSED

On my life journey I have discovered a power I hold. I know others who have held this sacred power before but I have never heard of the impact such as mine.

My power - baking Butter Tarts.

I have officially become the Tart Officer for my social group. I have people who want to poach tarts when they are not in season. That's just not cool with me.

I could hand out fines, or slap hands but I think I will let it go. I enjoy this power I have. I like watching men turn into children unable to control their desire for the tasty, runny, perfect consistency of the pastry that I have found the secret to creating.

I do not make these delectable treats on demand. I make them when the feeling hits. When the air has the right smell, when I feel the perfect balance of happy and crazy, when my taste buds scream indulgence and my brain steps up and says "too many calories".

One time when my husband asked me to bake my perfectly runny, but slightly jelled tart filling with the perfectly thick flaky pastry, I declined.

My response, "Butter Tart Season is Closed".

I'll give you the inside scoop. There is no season. The season is not a specific time of year, for a certain period of time. You can't buy tags, there is no draw you enter. It's when the feeling hits me.

So be patient. You never know when the season will open up again. It may be for a day, it may be for weeks on end. You will just have to wait for that feeling.


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