Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Good Old Markham Fair

Before I met my husband I had never heard of the Markham Fair. Little did I know my mother had told me about it a number of times but I must have chosen not to listen.

This year as the leaves began to turn and the air cooled my husband and I got starry eyed for the fair. I was only a 2 time attendee of the fair but my heart raced at the thought of fair food, rides and lots of cute animals.

We packed the car and off we went. Fairgrounds on the mind. We dropped our child off at his grandparents and we sped away free from our parenting responsibilities, anticipating the fun we would have.

Entering the gates we could feel the rush of excitement and all things fair. The scent of farm animals and the old time-y farm machinery killing the ozone layer one "shift of the gears" at a time. The food vendors lined the walk ways with smells of delicious pulled pork and well cooked cheeseburgers. Cotton candy spun, caramel apples marinated in sugar, fresh baked cookies, popcorn, candy, chocolate, fudge. No diets allowed at this grand event.

We made our way through the buildings of animals. Nothing too new to this farm girl. My upbringing allowed me to turn snotty and act too good for the on lookers of cows and horses.

I have seen my share.

Although farming is in my blood I did experience a new event at the fair. We found ourselves in the grand stands taking in the excitement and beauty of the horse and cart competitions. I will admit I had no idea what they were doing exactly, driving their carts back and forth and then in the opposite direction, but the horses were dressed in a magnificent fashion and their drivers looked just as dapper. This event really struck my interest when they announced the unicorn division. Finally my chance to see a real live unicorn.

After the excitement of the unicorns, we scouted out the crafts and vendors finding ourselves in a room surrounded by baked goods. I remembered the previous year taking my dad to this very room. As we circled the displays like vultures ready to attack our prey, my dad in a loud shriek of excitement exclaimed "Myrna Burkholder." This year as we stood amazed in the presence of pies I stood tall and proud and in honour of my dad exclaimed, "Myrna Burkholder." I then developed this rather unhealthy competition in my head between Myrna and a nice lady named Joyce. These rivals fought it out over the coconut cream pies, the cherry pies, strawberry, blueberry, pumpkin. I cheered for Myrna. I knew she would come out on top and as I believed in Myrna she didn't let me down. Congratulations Myrna you are my queen of the Markham fair.

After all this excitement we decided it was time to head home. With a lot of stalling and reluctance we found our way to the car and said "goodbye" to the good old Markham Fair. As we drove away I looked over my shoulder and waved. I said, "See you next year old friend...." and the fair said the same.