Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ramble Ramble Ramble...

Almost every time I see my sister-in-law Sandra she mentions to me that I haven't written since, fill in date here. It makes me chuckle but it also makes me feel good knowing that someone reads and enjoys this little blog that in my head is lost out in the blackness of the internet.

Life's been busy lately. I don't think that is a valid excuse but it is mine so I will grasp it with both hands and wont let go. I don't know where my life is going but it is passing and every day presents its challenges and victories.

A quick up-date on the Forde family.

We got a new dog named Alice, which means we are having another baby. Our joke is that we are not getting another dog after our Alice because we don't want another kid. I guess those are two things go hand in hand in our life.

PS. This time they are both girls. Last time they were both boys.

Jim has found out more about his heart health. We know what he has and how to move forward. We are at peace with it.

I have a new place of employment. By new I mean I have been working at Joy Bible Camp for 5 months.

Life is happening.

The boy is two. He is getting bigger, smarter, funnier, crazier! I'm so in love with him and still manage to have moments when I want to tether him to the dog and set them free on our 369 acre farm. I guess that logic is called motherhood.

I am still madly in love with my husband even though I feel like life doesn't allow us to be. We are both so busy and when we do come together we are so exhausted we make small chit chat and go to sleep. It's a season. Besides there is no one else I would rather make small chit chat with and go to sleep next to than him. I'm just happy we are together.

Sometimes I can't handle my life. There's too much "stuff" happening and it hurts and is complicated but when I can focus on my little family and loving them things are pretty great! It's tempting to get off the life grid and be able to live in the middle of the bush with my family and enjoy my friends but that's not reality that only happens on Little House on the Prairie.

I have some great blog ideas I must write down. I must make this part of my routine and my time with God again. It's a shame we live in the black hole of Bell Canada where the sunshine of internet isn't able to shine.

Until my next post. If you think of it pray for us. Life is happening and when life happens things can be wonderful and things can not be wonderful and regardless of how wonderful everyone needs a little prayer said for them every once and a while.