Monday, January 9, 2012

Sweet Kora

My happiest moment of 2011 was hearing the nurse say to me, "ok Leah, just one more push". One more push and I would get to hold love in my arms.

So sweet.

One more push and this mystery person would become a part of our life and our family, permanently and all we knew about her was the amount of discomfort and heart burn she contributed to my physical life but nothing more. Yet we were still excited. We still longed to meet her. We could not wait to see her face. To learn what she looked like and who she was.

One more push.

A little after noon on October 11, I made the final push. My beautiful baby girl was whisked out of my body and laid delicately across my chest.

The moment was beautiful.

"Hello little one, I'm your mommy."

We stared. Their were smiles and tears. I felt love. It was so happy. I was happy.

In a moment of pure love and tranquility the nurse asked us if our new daughter had a name. With an inquisitive smile to my husband he said, "does she?"

Months of agonizing over the perfect name. It was time. I had created lists of name combinations, possible choices and absolute no go's. Now it was time to choose the one that would make this helpless little being a person.

Kora Lilly Kevyn Forde

A few hours with our Kora and we knew she was a doll. She was calm. She loved cuddling and being close. She thrived on the sound of someone else's heartbeat. The warmer her little body was the more she relaxed. She was beautiful. She was sweet.

It didn't take long for the nursing staff to start calling her Sweet Kora. She was so new yet she oozed this sweet, comforting, endearing charm that was so intoxicating. She was like a drug. Looking at her, holding on to her would make you feel like a better person.

She is 3 months now (give or take a few days). She is still so sweet. She is full of charm and smiles, always warming the hearts of strangers with her across the room cheer. She loves to coo and giggle. She's beautiful. Cuddling is still a favorite pass time.

Kora brings life. She is a comfort and a symbol of grace. She has brought life in to our family and freshness that we needed. Her smile reminds me why I don't mind the lack of sleep.

She's precious.

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