Saturday, March 17, 2012

Challenging Inspiration

The world is full of beautiful people. Thankfully I have some of these people in my life.

I was challenged this week by a beautiful woman I know. Her challenge was one of grace and gratitude.

It made me think.

Her passion and joy sparked something deep within me.

It was an inspiring kick in the butt.

I was challenged to look deep within and find the essence of myself and begin the process.



To become present in my life again.

To stop abandoning my life.

I was dared to rip the security blanket out of my hands.

Her strength and desire to live her life to the fullest made me want to dive deeper into living.

Now it is time.

I will search for the gifts.

I will search for the treasures.

I will search for the purpose in my life.

I never back down from a challenge and I can not ignore inspiration.

There is a reason we have beautiful people brushing shoulders with us in life.

It pushes us to strive for more.

It ignites a yearning for success.

It helps us see the potential in ourselves.

There is hope exampled.

Thank you beautiful person.


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